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History in the Digital Age - It's more exciting than ever!

Teachers and their students can explore history like never before! Touch, smell, and feel the tools, textures and foods of the past. Listen to and debate with a person whose viewpoint is centuries-old. Discover antique treasures with stories to tell.

At Stanley-Whitman House, students explore, discover and question. They connect with the past in a critical way so they can envision their own futures. That is what we do best!

Stay tuned for more information on this page, or get in touch with  us to talk about how our programs can inspire your students and assist you in reaching your classroom and curriculum goals.

Contact us at 860-677-9222 or [email protected].

We can’t thank you enough for the best field trip we’ve taken this year! Our ‘Colonial Day’ was filled with excitement, learning and wonderful treats!  --St. Bridget's School, Cheshire

Bus Scholarships

Find out about funds available through the museum! Email Andy Verzosa at [email protected]